KCARC's Plan for FSSA Direct Service Workforce Grant


FSSA direct Service Workforce Grant

updated 1/26/2023

KCARC was awarded a total of $477,765.54 through the FSSA Direct Service Workforce grant that must be utilized quarterly throughout 2023.  KCARC’s goal is to use grant funding to develop better ways to reflect the value of our Direct Service Professionals. KCARC understands that those we serve are integral and active members of their community and encourages the creative development and implementation of Best Practices that help the world recognize that a vibrant community is created by every person in it. Recognizing and supporting the many gifts of humanity, our generosity, our creativity, our drive, and our love, among others, offers the opportunity, privilege, and responsibility to give back by becoming something more.

KCARC plans to utilize grant funds for strategic investment in our Direct Service Professionals to diminish barriers and strengthen their ability to pursue their “Best Life”.  KCARC recognizes that our mission is a critical foundation for every employee in every department and plans to implement many of the proposed changes company wide.  In anticipation of grant funding, KCARC developed a plan to transform five key areas to refresh and release our Direct Service Professionals in pursuit of their best professional and personal life:

PTO:  KCARC employees are currently eligible for PTO after completion of their first year of employment.  KCARC recognizes that staff need to balance personal settings so they are able to bring their best efforts to work.  KCARC believes the lack of PTO in the first year has been an obstacle to hiring and retaining quality staff.  KCARC plans to utilize grant funding to enable full time staff to be eligible for PTO after their first week of employment

Mentoring:  KCARC recognizes the rich wealth of experiential knowledge in our seasoned staff and values integrating new staff into KCARC’s culture. KCARC will develop a “Mentor” designation for staff who demonstrate excellence in their service skills, personal passion, and embodiment of the KCARC mission.  KCARC plans to utilize grant funding for designated Mentors to receive a stipend bonus and leadership training supports while serving in a 12-week mentoring relationship.  Newly hired Direct Service Professionals will receive practical answers and constructive resources from their designated Mentor during their first three months to enhance the quality of service they present.

Creativity and Best Practice Reward:  KCARC’s Direct Service Professionals do their job because they love our people and are driven to help them discover and pursue their best life!  KCARC recognizes that throughout the many demands of providing service, Creativity and Best Practice implementation are not always recognized and rewarded.  KCARC plans to utilize grant funding to develop a monthly financial reward for teams that demonstrate Creativity and Best Practice across the various life domains of those they serve.

Navigator:  Life is messy and we all need help at times to find answers to challenging life situations!  The KCARC Navigator will be available to staff as a resource to assist them in identifying and connecting with community resources.

Team Building and Staff Appreciation:  KCARC recognizes that it is easy for staff to feel isolated and underappreciated in their job.  KCARC plans to utilize grant funding to create events and rewards that develop a strong team with a richly braided mosaic of experience trained to empower the friends we serve.

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